Though all of these vests can work fine in most all hunting situations, they each do have specific designs in mind. For example, the Centerfire is designed to work best in open country and to carry a day’s worth of gear, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work well for all upland bird habitat. Another example is the San Carlos – designed for tighter cover, but will work very well in open country as well. There will be a short description of each vest’s specific design features when you click on that particular vest.

Another great feature of Q5 Outdoor Products/Quilomene vests is their interchangeability! You can order a complete vest as it has been presented in the past, OR you can now Choose Your Options! Besides the great convenience and adaptability to various hunting situations that this adds to our vests, it also means that parts of a vest can be replaced when worn out without the cost of a whole vest. For example, one of the first areas to wear out on a bird pack are usually the shell pockets. With the weight and constant rubbing of the shells, the pocket eventually wears thin or gets holes in the bottom. Our tougher cordura material will help increase the life of a pocket, but since they are removable, you can just replace the pocket(s).

As you click on the particular vest you are interested in, you will see a short overview and common uses for that particular vest, and select a complete or base vest and options.

Enjoy shopping!

Upland Vests

Quality and functionality – the primary focus and goal for Q5 Outdoor Products! We believe the best way to accomplish this goal is to have our Q5 and Quilomene vests made in the USA. Our vests are, therefore, manufactured in smaller, limited quantities and you may, at times, find them to be available via backorder – but be assured they are worth the wait!


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