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Quilomene has built a reputation on the functional simplicity of its San Carlos design and the quality of its materials and construction.

The difference between the Y-Back and H-Back vest is the torso adjustment on the back of the vest:

  • – Y-Back is by velcro
    – H-Back is by buckle and the straps come straight over shoulder

The main features are: 

  • Best for tight cover
  • Adjustable shoulder straps – torso adjustment via velcro
  • Padded hip belt system with lumbar support for effective weight distribution and puts load on hips, frees upper body for unrestricted movement
  • Hydration bladder pocket in the bird bag -­‐ fits 50 oz. systems. Your hydration system slides into its own pocket which is 9″ width x 13″ length, and has openings on both sides at the bottom for a hose to exit. At this point hydration systems are not offered with the vests — see Accessory Recommendations page
  • Cargo Capacity -‐ The San Carlos vest is a scaled down version of Quilomene Upland vest and designed for shorter hunts.
    • Game bag – 11-14″L x 21″W
    • 2 Inside Pockets – 8″L x 7.5″W
    • Hydration bladder pocket – 13″L x 9″W
    • Outer pocket on back of game bag – 7″L x 12″W
    • Outerpocket with zipper closure under flap on back of game bag is the size of game bag
  • Loops on shoulder straps for sternum strap (included) or to clip other gear
  • Lashing straps
  • Complete vest weight empty – 2 lbs 6 oz
  • The Quilomene San Carlos Y-Back Vest is made in the USA

This vest design is best described as simple and very functional!

The vests are hydration bladder ready (50 – 70 oz.), though the bladder/hydration pack and accessories will not be available through Q5/Quilomene.

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Features & Tips – San Carlos Upland Vest

By Q5 Outdoor Products via YouTube

Gambel’s Quail Action with the San Carlos Bird Vest

By Q5 Outdoor Products via YouTube

Grouse Commander: Q5 Outdoor Products return of the Quilomene San Carlos Strap Vest

By Ric and Fritz Heller / Published on Dec 19, 2014 via YouTube

Q5 outdoor products has brought back the Quilomene San Carlos with drastic improvements including a waist belt.

We believe strongly by mid summer this will be the finest Grouse Hunting Vest on the Market, with extreme versatility, an a la carte vest that has custom options for a wide range of hunters. The current version is the finest vest I’ve ever worn. Upgrade materials, built in waist belt, improved game bag. Give them a look.
Soon to be available at www.grousecommander.com

“We had a successful hunt outing up 8 Woodcock and 3 Ruffed Grouse. My hunting partner and I both use a San Carlos. His is a Y back and mine an H back. I have mention to anyone who has asked about the vest that it is the best piece of hunting kit I’ve purchased in years. … Thank you for a wonderful product and the personal touch of a phone call is extremely rare in today’s marketplace.” ~ Steve

“Thanks so much for your over-the-top customer service. I really like the San Carlos strap vest and will be sure to let my hunting friends know about your products.” ~ Brian

“Hi, just want to thank you so much for getting that strap so fast, got it the other day. Looks like the vest is complete! I’m looking forward to using it this year, sure looks to be a winner! Thanks again so much for all the great service! You folks are the best! Good Luck in the future!” ~ Greg

“I just got back from my first hunting trip with your San Carlos vest. Impressed is the best word I could use to describe the vest. It held a limit of blue grouse and kept me mobile at 10,000 feet in absolute comfort. I’m attaching some photos to show the versatility of your product. Please feel free to use them as you like and keep up the great work.” ~ Adam

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy my San Carlos. The vest is perfect for my style of hunting. It is top shelf quality and extremely functional. One happy customer. ~ Steve

“Hi all, well got my vest after a time of it being caught in the USPS Limbo room. It was well worth the wait. I’m very impressed with this vest, quality workmanship, plenty of storage room. Easy to adjust, fit is excellent and easy access to the game bag. Inside the game bag are 2 pockets, which you can use for water bottles or whatever. They are large enough for a good size bottle and you can get them in and out of the pockets with ease. Very impressive. There are plenty of straps/attachments on the shoulder straps to hold whatever you’d like (transmitters, cameras etc).

I did order the retractable Gear Keeper and boy what a surprise! This thing comes with several different ways to attach it to straps, belts etc. Not just some D-Ring or snap. This one has a screw “device” that you can attach the tether to just about anyplace you can think of. Can’t say enough good about this one…..best I’ve ever seen!

For a lightweight vest for hot weather, this one can’t be beat. They really knocked this one out of the park IMO!

If you get one, you won’t be disappointed! Good show Q5.” ~ Greg


“I just might have found my forever vest…

I never had a San Carlos when Tim (?) had the company. Boy, do I regret that! Your improvements really make this my go-to vest. I’ve mentioned my zipper issues with the Q5, and while the all-day Quilomene is good, the San Carlos H-back might have it beat.

Plenty of water storage, and its location means no stress on the shoulder straps. On the all-day Quilomene, load up two Camelbacks and it’s pretty snug. I gotta confess, I’ve customized the H-back, adding your electronics pocket to one shoulder strap and putting my survival gear into a Q5 shell pocket and hanging it from the “H” in back. I might just use the version with water bottle pocket there next time.

I just finished a consulting assignment for another vest maker and yours has theirs beat, hands-down. One thing you might consider is promoting the modularity of your components – mix and match, create your own, customized vest. Most of us would love the flexibility.

Watch for both on one of my shows next year.” ~ Scott Linden


“Folks, just got my vest and I could not be more pleased. Looking forward to hunting sharp tails this fall. Very well designed. Thank you.” ~ Tom


Quilomene San Carlos Vest Review by Arizona Quail Hunting Camp

Q5 Outdoor Products return of the Quilomene San Carlos Strap Vest by Grouse Commander

“Received the vest…and carrying bag (that was unexpected : ), in good order. The vest is much more than I had expected, particularly quality wise! You design and build a great product. A lot of the other uplanders got to try it on, and we’re also impressed. It received nothing but kudos!

I will highly recommend it…I have also found a way to put my Citori Lightning 20ga. in it for long carries into, or out of, (after I get my limit of course) the field/hunt area.

I will definitely put it on my kids Christmas present list when they regularly start to hunt.” ~ Don


“I’m ecstatic about my new vest! I was given my original Quilomene San Carlos vest as a gift for suturing up a dog in the field for a guy 14 years ago. I was so bummed when Steve stopped making them and I’ve been searching for a compatible hunting vest. (I actually ran into Steve in AZ while I was hunting Mearns’ quail in 2007) . . . I saw your vest on Facebook via friend Tim from New England and ordered one that day. The vest and the added touches…the bag it came, the warrantee card tied with brown twine, and the key holder are world class! No company has ever had such nice touches!!! I will certainly be blogging about your vest at www.uplandways.com and my quail chasing excursions!” ~ Shawn


“Let’s face it; I’m a bit of a gear junky. And when it comes to bird hunting vests, I’ve tried them all. My favorite for years was the original Quilomene vest until I replaced that about 10 years ago with a Quill San Carlos. Of all the vests I’ve tried (and I’ve tried most of them ) the San Carlos was the best I’ve found for grouse and woodcock hunting. So, when the Quilomene Company closed up shop a couple years ago I bought all the San Carlos vests they had in stock to be sure I always had one and to give to my grouse hunting friends as gifts. That ten year old San Carlos is still seeing regular service as I hunt 40 to 50 days in the rough country of Northern New Hampshire with my friend Craig Doherty who is a professional bird dog trainer/hunting guide and owner of Wild Apple Kennels.

I tried to talk Craig into using a San Carlos (last gen. of the original) but he had some complaints about it. We were planning to make some alterations when the new Q5 version of the San Carlos became available, so I ordered a couple to see how they stacked up (I was a little apprehensive, since I was so happy with what I already had).

When the original Quilomene company shut down Dan Priest bought the rights to the products and added the line to Q5 Outdoor Products. After working with the design a bit he has reinvented the San Carlos vest incorporating new materials and features. Craig and I think the best feature of the new San Carlos is the pack-like belt that puts the weight on your hips and not your shoulders. Also, the easily detachable pockets that can be replaced with other style pouches will be great for people like Craig who often aren’t carrying a gun but need to bring along other gear.

In my opinion Dan has taken a really good product, and made it into the final word for shorter hunts (sub 4 hours) in area’s you don’t need to bring gallons of water . The design of the shoulder straps allow maximum heat loss, making it a very comfortable warm weather vest and by using proper layering, I use the San Carlos well into the dead of winter. The new San Carlos has become my absolute favorite grouse hunting vest.” ~ Tim Kisieleski, Avid New England grouse hunter and coverdog trainer

“I love the vest – best that I have ever had, and I have quail hunted for 53 years.” ~ John

Fritz Heller
Grouse Commander
Founder www.grousecommander.com
Visit GC on: Enjoy this great grouse hunting video by Fritz Heller of Grouse Commander and utilizing the San Carlos upland vest: Grouse Brother’s 2015
Tim Kisieleski

Real life – manages a commercial glazing company outside of Boston.

After hours, Licensed New Hampshire guide.

Avid coverdog trailer; Honorary kennel boy at Wildapple Kennels and Guide service; Gear aficionado and a Quill user since 93!

Contact through :
Grouse Commander
New England Birddog Club
Woodcock Limited of New England
Tim Kisieleski

Q5 will warranty 2 years free of charge against manufacturer's defects and workmanship. Beyond that, we will repair or replace damaged goods/parts for a reasonable price, plus shipping.
Material: Tough, mid-weight 1000D Cordura Nylon fabric, YKK zippers and pulls.

Cleaning Instructions:
  • Soil may be removed with spray cleaner or detergent and water. Avoid chlorine or bleach based cleaners.
  • Hand wash with mild detergent (ie: woolite, or even dawn dishwashing liquid) rinse well and air dry
  • Can also be washed on gentle cycle in a washing machine...mild detergent and air dry
  • Never put products in dryer as this will compromise the backing on the fabric
  • The velcro can be easily cleaned using a dry toothbrush