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Q5 Centerfire Upland Bird Vest


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Advantages of this strap vest:

  • Best for open country
  • 2 convenient hang straps
  • Extra padding for comfort around neck and upper back
  • Removable hydration hose clip
  • 2 adjustable raising/lowering straps to support many body types – tensil strength of 1720 lbs @ slow pull
  • Removable and Velcro secured electronics pouch – 4″L x 3.5″W x 2″D
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps (no padding in gun mount area for a positive mount)
  • Removable and adjustable sternum strap
  • Pouch (9″ x 11″) for water bladder or water bottles inside game bag
  • Heavy duty Velcro/snap reinforced mesh for back ventilation
  • Padded hipbelt system with lumbar support for effective weight distribution and puts load on hips, frees upper body for unrestricted movement
  • Lined open-air and easy access game bag – 16″L x 6″W x 8″D
  • Removable small daypack with large and small zippered compartment for extra dog water, handgun, camera, clip inside, etc.
  • 2 storage compartments with large and small zippered sections on each side of game bag – Full pocket 6 1/2″L x 6″W x 2.5″D – Front pocket 5″L x 6″W
  • 2 water-bottle pouches for 24oz or less bottle (bottles not included) – 8″L x 3.5″D
  • Removable shell bags with Velcro close flap + large and small zippered compartment. Measurements: 6″ wide x 8″ long – Front compartment 4″L x 6″W
  • Large zippered main compartment for extra storage on back of game bag – 6″L x 14″W x 2.25″D
  • Adjustable lashing straps to secure a raincoat and other outdoor essentials
  • Complete vest weight empty: 4 lbs
  • Maximum recommended weight : 30 lbs
  • The Q5 Centerfire Vest is made in the USA

The Q5 Centerfire vest is hydration bladder ready (50 – 70 – or 100 oz.), though the bladder/hydration pack and accessories are not available through Q5 Outdoor Products.

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Q5 Centerfire Vest – Practical Tips

Q5 Features & Tips


In the Field with the Q5


Dove Season Opener 2014 with the Q5

Waist: 32″ – 52″
Torso: 20″ – 36″ (from waist to nape of neck)

Birdbag: 16″ long X 6″ wide X 8″ deep

Fitting Recommendations: Please fit your vest BEFORE loading it with your equipment. Loosen all the straps on the vest. Put on the vest, set the hip belt where comfortable, and tighten the buckle. Now just tighten the 2 straps on the back, shoulder straps and sternum strap to comfort. The sternum strap is adjustable to sit further up or down the chest. It is recommended that another person assist you with the back strap adjustments. In time, as you have adjusted the vest to a permanent fit, you can adjust some of the over length straps by cutting and applying a flame on the ends to prevent fraying. Also, take a look at the Q5 Centerfire Features & Tips video by clicking here or under the Video section!

“Just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you how happy I am with my Centerfire vest. I purchased my Centerfire early last season sight unseen. Up until I purchased mine I’d never seen one in person her in Idaho and couldn’t find any well written reviews so I was fairly hesitant given its price. However, immediately upon receipt and finally getting to put my hands on one, it was clear I’d made a good choice. The quality of material was readily apparent. After two solid seasons of hunting upland I haven’t had a single issue and imagine I won’t for quite some time. Early in the season I regularly carry 2 liters of water for the dog and another 2 liters for me in the bottle holders and bladder. A box of shells, first aid kit for the dog, satellite messenger, snack, and a GoPro and I put more weight into my Centerfire than some carry in their truck, and that’s before adding birds. I wouldn’t contemplate such an endevour with a standard vest but the weight quickly dissipates with the Centerfire. I only notice how heavy my vest is when I go to take it off at the end of a long day. That’s how efficiently the vest transfers weight to your hips. I didn’t start with the intent of carting so much stuff with me but it quickly became apparent that I could without any issues. I’ve recommended the Centerfire to a few people and I’m proud to say that three others are just as happy with their purchase as I am. Thanks again and keep up the good work.” ~ Jason

“Wore the vest hunting wild pheasants this weekend. Great vest!” ~ Adrian

“Pack arrived yesterday afternoon and I had the chance to sneak out for a quick hunt today. I think the Q5 Centerfire will suit me well! Thanks for the excellent customer service and the quick shipping.” ~ Kyle

“I received my new Centerfire vest yesterday and WOW I am really impressed. The fit and details of the vest are excellent. I am very much looking forward to logging some miles this fall chasing birds. Thanks!!” ~ Joe

“When I found out about this vest, I had to get my hands on it. After hunting for years with packs or vests that lacked certain features, the Centerfire Upland Bird Vest appeared to fill all the holes. So, toward the end of last season I managed to get one and use it a few times. It took a while to set up properly because of its infinite adjustability, but once I dialed it in, it performed as expected. Better, actually. Overall, I don’t think there’s a better upland vest available (although I haven’t tried them all), and the price tag – at the higher end of the scale – is more than fair for the features and quality of the product. If your current vest doesn’t offer adequate carrying capacity for gear and birds, the Centerfire might be the ticket.

Storage: you can pretty much load this vest with everything but the kitchen sink. It has so many pockets you might need a spreadsheet to track where you put things. Most of the pockets are adjustable, too, so you can move them laterally along the hip belt to suit your style of hiking, and the shell pockets – big enough to hold a box of shells each – have a zipper and a Velcro flap; thoughtful design (although I’d prefer the flaps have radius or rounded instead of 90-degree corners because they kept poking my skinny bare arms – something I hadn’t noticed last season when I wore long sleeves; not a big deal, but a wee naggy thing.) With the full version of the vest (they offer a base model, too, to which you can pick and choose your pockets), you also get a removable daypack, which I never used because I didn’t fill up the other pockets. But if you’re going on an all-day hike in weather that could change drastically, you could load this vest up with everything you could possibly need and never worry about where to put stuff, even if you limited on multiple species.

Bird “pouch”: Speaking of birds, the pouch might better be described as a “porch” or even a “carport.” It’s big, and easily the easiest to load of any vest I’ve used. And you can easily remove it to clean it out. I haven’t seen this type of game bag on any vest before, and it’s one of the most innovative things about this vest, in my opinion.

Hydration: Water’s probably the most important thing to bring if you hunt with dogs. This vest features a pouch to put a hydration bladder in, as well as removable water bottle pockets, which would allow you to bring – in these three spots alone (there’s room elsewhere for more bottles) – 164 ounces of water. My back hurts just thinking about that. I’m not a bottle guy, so I only use a bladder, and my 100-ounce bladder extends past the fairly shallow built-in pouch, but there’s a thoughtful snap-strap that allows you to secure the top of a bladder (if the bladder has a loop or hook on the top of it; mine does, but not all do) so it doesn’t collapse in the vest. To take the bladder out requires undoing three snaps and the Velcro closure at the top of the mesh cover and unthreading the hose, which is fairly simple compared to other vests I’ve used a bladder in. I’m not exactly sure why the bladder pouch couldn’t be deeper on the Centerfire, but maybe it’s to accommodate the smaller pouches out there. For my 100-ounce bladder, though, I’d like a deeper pouch; another wee naggy thing.

Usability and Comfort: Although I haven’t loaded the Centerfire to capacity, I’m confident that if I did it would handle the load with stability and comfort. The padded shoulder straps are contoured around the neck in a smart “yoke” which distributes the upper load better than other packs I’ve used. But the big deal on this vest is the padded hip belt, which carries – very stably and comfortably – as much as you can throw at it. No matter the terrain or angle of incline or descent, I rarely if ever felt I was carrying anything. It’s really that comfortable. Of course, you’re going to feel it hiking up steep hills, but this vest isn’t what I noticed. I noticed the fact that I should be in better shape, and that whoever invented gravity should be shot, and that chukar hunting might be more fun on the moon, and stuff like that.

Quality: These vests are made by a small company – really just a couple with some help – down in Arizona. It is simply amazing to me that they can produce the variety of products they do, with all the design variations and options, and with the quality that is so obvious on the Centerfire vest. All the stitching, seams, attachments, and other workmanship are as good as I’ve ever seen, better, actually. The materials they use are the best, too: the Cordura is heavy-duty, the D-rings, zippers, snaps and Velcro (or whatever we’re calling the hook-and-loop stuff these days) are all solid and should last longer than I will. In addition to the quality of their products, Q5 promotes another kind of quality, which you might refer to as “equality”: a percentage of every sale supports Arizona Outdoor Adventures, which helps acquaint under-privileged kids with healthy outdoor recreation. Impressive and inspiring.

Picayune: There are some things I don’t like about the Centerfire, though, which aren’t the vest’s fault at all and have more to do with the style of hunting I find myself doing more often than not. The main thing is the vest’s size: you can’t have all that storage capacity without sizeable volume. The Centerfire is a relatively wide and deep vest – the side pockets (mounted on the hip belt behind the shell pockets) extend out a ways, which I noticed when busting through brush looking for grouse or in thickets trying to retrieve downed chukar. Similarly, the generous but rigid bird pouch extends back fairly far, which I noticed getting caught on Hawthorn brush and other branches in heavy vegetation. If I were hunting only in open terrain, or going after pheasants, I wouldn’t think twice about having this as my go-to or only vest. But for some reason I almost always find myself at least once in heavy brush, no matter what kind of hunting I’m doing.

Overall, the Q5 Centerfire Upland Bird Vest is easily the best quality vest with the most desirable features I’ve used. If you don’t find yourself trying to squeeze into or through places where you probably shouldn’t go anyways (maybe I’ll learn one of these days), then do yourself a favor and get this vest. You won’t be sorry.” ~ Bob McMichael of


“I just received a new Q5 Centerfire vest. While I haven’t used it yet in the field, my initial impression is that this is a excellent quality product. The material seems like it will be very durable without seeming overly stiff. There are plenty of pockets to put everything, the shell pouches are nicely sized, the game bag is large and the waist belt is very supportive and feels “right” once the adjustments are made on the vest.

The vest is very adjustable. I am 6’5″ and the vest easily lengthened to fit me and the adjustments would have accommodated an even taller person. The straps / harness that fit over the shoulders is very comfortable and an improvement in comfort over simple straps. As the Quilomene website states, there is minimal padding in the shoulder straps in the gun mount area. This was important to me as I’ve had to cut out useless padding in other vests to make for a better gun mount area. The vest’s game bag has some structure on the sides so the game bag stays square / open at the edges which greatly improves the ease of putting things in the game bag. I’ve typically leaned heavily towards a front loading vest in the past but this innovative feature has convinced me I don’t need that. The vest will hold plenty of water. The bottle holders on each side easily hold a 22 oz plastic water bottle. There is also a internal bladder pouch in the game bag area made for a water bladder. I’ve got one of those 50 oz. oval shaped bottles from Wing Works and it fit nicely in that pocket. The game bag is big enough that it could hold more water if you needed more than 100 oz. The pack on on the back of the vest is removable and I imagine I will normally hunt without the pack since there is another large zippered pocket on the back of the vest that will easily hold the things I normally take along and there is also an external strap that one could use to strap on additional layers of clothing that might be needed.

I tend to be picky about my “outdoor wear” since I spend so much time in it, but all in all I would say that this vest appears to be excellently designed and excellently made. I’ve heard this said about Quilomene products before, but you truly can tell that this product was designed but somebody that hunts a lot. The only negative comment I could make is that I wish the water bottle holders were a little bigger. It looks like there is room in the vest design to make them bigger / a little wider. They easily hold the slim style 22 oz water bottles but they don’t easily fit the 32 oz water bottles I normally carry. Besides that, I really can’t think of anything else I would change on the vest. Once I start putting some miles on it that may change, but as of now, it looks “just right.”

A final thank you is due to Brad and Upland Journal. It’s fair to say that the primary reason I ordered the Q5 is because I was aware of the company since they are a sponsor of this website as well as the many positive comments about their products that I have read from other Upland Journal members. Thanks to both Brad and the other members for making me aware of this company. I will be enjoying this vest for years to come.” ~ Todd

“…I’ve attached three photos of some chukar and your centerfire vest…Thanks for making such a good product.” ~ Adam


“I have the Q5 Centerfire. I have back problems and fibromyalgia. This vest distributes weight so well I can go a long time with water and guiding for pheasant and I don’t get the severe burning in my shoulders like other vests I have used cause me. I can also get on and off my horse easily with the Centerfire vest when I judge for NSTRA trials or have a chance to wild bird hunt.
Thank You Dan for an AWESOME Product.

Also, I was able to fit 9 pheasants in the back area without feeling like I was being pulled down, making it much easier for my lower back issues”. ~ Arlette Hennessey





“Love the vest. Have had big South Dakota runs and some quick MN versions. This morning on a 10 degree day, two bird limit and side hill humping no issue fully loaded. Great product!!” ~ Daron




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Q5 Upland Bird Vests were represented well thanks to Luke Huberty of Northland Dog Supply at the February, 2014 National Pheasant & Quail Fest in Milwaukee, WI.

“I received my new Q5 Centerfire vest today and wanted to give my first impression. I am in no way associated with Q5, and have only met and talked to Dan Priest once. I paid full price from the Q5 website and am simply a rabid bird hunter who hunts over pointing dogs. This post is not solicited in anyway and until I post it, no one knows I am writing it.

First, I wanted to tell you that I primarily hunt Mearns Quail and Chukar with other species thrown in as the opportunity presents. I also tend to be a loner because I am serious about what I do and if I want to take off to the top of the far ridge, I don’t want to be held back by someone not as dedicated. Call me selfish, but it works for me. I hunt behind two Brittanys and get 100% more enjoyment watching the dogs than shooting a bird. My britts are trial and hunting dogs, so I treat every bird encounter as a training situation for trials. I never shoot birds that were not pointed unless it is a solid “stop to flush”. Because of the dogs and that I often end up several miles away from my vehicle, I take a lot of stuff with me including lots of water.

My prior vest (I just plane flat wore it out) was a Wingworks vest that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was very well made, durable and was all that I could ever hope for at the time that I got it. However, it had a few shortfalls that I learned to live with by adaptation and a few modifications.

When it came time to replace my old vest, I was torn by getting another WW or a replacement. Being a person who researches, the only vest I could see entertaining was the Q5 Centerfire. Lucky for me, I am in AZ and a few months ago, I called Dan Priest and he eagerly met me so I could see the vest first hand. My very first impression was how much lighter it was than the WW and the fact that it’s design would keep me so much cooler on hot days. I also liked durability, the layout of the storage and that it had a lot more of it, not to mention the water possibilities. All in all, my mind was made up at that time, but giving up my WW was like giving up a trusted bird dog. For the past few months, I have been mulling it over and since bird season is upon us, I made the decision that in my heart, is definitely the best for me.

The package arrived in a box and upon opening; the vest was neatly put into a very handy storage bag. I can see keeping it in there to and from the field. Nice touch.
The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless with pride shown in each stitch. Since I have watched Dan’s YouTube videos several times, I instinctively fit the vest very quickly and then began adding weight to see how it would feel. I must say, I really like this vest! However, time in the field will be the final decision, but so far, it is a home run! Of course, I can see how I would improve some minor aspects. Trust me, for me to improve and not want to make changes, is a big complement. I made “changes” to the WW, not improvements.

Thank you Dan for the well-made and well thought out vest. I am anxious to put it to the test of time.” ~ Rod Ogilvie


“I received my pack a few days, ago. After opening the package, I felt very fortunate to be able to have a product of this quality. I went over it with a fine tooth comb. I found one stitch that I suspected, to be out of place. That made me even happier. Especially, in this “disposable world” that we live in.

I then loaded it by transferring all of my gear. My wife came into the BatCave to see what all of the commotion was about. She made a loving comment after I told her about the pack’s arrival. She said, “I love to see you smiling and getting so excited. You look like a child on Xmas day.”

Your pack, the duffel bag and Cap are my presents, this year. I have been needing a new pack for a very long time…The next day, I went out chasing, (I wanted to chase) some Chuckar and Hungarian Partridges. The pack held my Gatorade Bottles snugly. (I have Sugar Problems, so I have to bring Gatorades with me, in case I get shaky) The bottles fit inside the bottle pockets, but were tight. I felt fortunate about that, too.

I have had a water bladder, for a very long time, and have been unable to use it because of its style. The DayPack, and the tube slots/opening at the top, made that bladder finally come to life. It holds/protects it beautifully.

Upon shouldering the shotgun, the padding on the shoulder straps do not “snag” or “hang up.” That also makes me very happy!

So, all of my concerns were taken care of prior to my packs, arrival…After hiking up and down Steep grades, looking for “the Devil Bird”, I am your new biggest fan. Great Pack, Great Design, Great materials, and Great Craftsmanship.

Thanks for taking pride in all of your activities!! Your success with this pack makes me proud to be an American!!” ~ Ryan / Utah


“I recently purchased a q5 vest from flush and point and I have to say I love the vest. I use it for everything from upland to duck hunting. I’m going to use the vest for turkey as well as deer hunting. It is a great all around vest that I picture my self doing all my hunting with…I love it and hope to get years and years out of it. By far the most comfortable vest I have worn.” ~ Tylor


“I received my vest today, after only ordering it Thursday…just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your customer service, the professionalism of your company, an the outstanding craftsmanship of your product I will be highly recommending you to everyone I know, or any one who asks… I would say I would purchase from you again, but I believe that it will be a long long time till I need another vest after receiving this one. Thanks for making this purchase a pleasant experience.” ~ Travis


“I just wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful shopping experience. I received my upland vest last night and couldn’t be happier with the quality/utility of the product. More important/rare was the customer service I received along the way. Even though the product was backordered, you were open, honest, and accessible with your communications. I do the majority of my shopping online and this was truly a standout experience. Thanks again.” ~ Jeremy

“I just finished my 4th day of hunting with the Q5. I purchased it from Flush and Point. Great product. It is perfect for my style of hunting. I hunt the canyons of Eastern Oregon and often don’t get back to the rig for 4 or 5 hours. I also hunt with 2 dogs and that is a lot of extra water etc. to carry in the vest. My shoulders really appreciate the innovative design and the waist belt. Today I did hunt a preserve and the vest held 4 roosters and my water with room for more. Also the shell bags don’t hit my legs when I run or hike up hill. All that being said, it still has to stay in one piece for at least a few years. There are two ripped and broken strap vests hanging in the gun room which need fixing. They just can’t take the heavy loads for those long hikes. I have high hopes for the Q5. Thanks.” ~ Paul


“The Q5 Outdoors Centerfire Upland Vest. This isn’t your ordinary bird vest and I’m not your ordinary hunter.” – John O’Dell


Jonathan O’Dell
Small Game Biologist – Game Branch
Arizona Game and Fish Department
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